Chetana Trust Early Learning
Two small hands explore the tactile image of a tree with leaves and apples in an open book.


Chetana’s accessible library encourages children with print disabilities to learn to access information for themselves, broaden their horizons and give them a chance to develop a leisure activity.


We focus on designing products that open a wider range of play opportunities for every child. We take into consideration barriers that children may face to access play materials and develop products to suit their requirements while still remaining fun and enjoyable!

A young girl stands smiling proudly in front of her picture created with cloth covered shapes on the fridge behind her.


Image depicting Early Development Kit

Early Development Kit

This kit was developed as a package to help infants with vision impairment achieve major developmental milestones...

A baby looks at a glittering object held in front of him.

Early Vision

Early intervention often has positive outcomes even when the child has an impairment of the visual system...