Chetana Trust About Us
A young girl wearing spectacles leans over a table to place a peg in a pegboard. One hand rests on dots and lines on a sheet beside her.


To increase availability of environments and opportunities that promote learning and development for groups at risk such as children and youth with disabilities and first generation learners.

To increase knowledge, skills, and resources for adults whose decisions and actions impact the opportunities available to children & youth with disadvantages such as poverty, health, disabilities and first generation learners.


India’s needs in the health and education sector are immense. India is also home to some of the world’s most amazing innovations and minds in these same fields. Given the diversity of needs and resources that exist in each area, the challenge lies in systematically documenting the problems, identifying solutions, and testing its efficacy with the target group and then taking it to more people who will benefit from it.

This is what Chetana does. Chetana volunteers pick issues that move them to anger or sadness great enough that they are willing to take the lead on finding a solution. Each volunteer team takes responsibility for the development and direction of the project, document our learning and engage with governments, universities, hospitals and other gatekeepers of health and education, so that our learning may translate into ideas in other areas.

A lady sits on the ground outdoors with a tactile story book open on her lap. A group of girls, their heads bent down, listen to her.
Chetana team
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