A young girl with her eyes closed feels shapes on a page.


Chetana’s accessible books and games encourage children with disabilities to learn to access information for themselves, broaden their horizons and give them a chance to develop a leisure activity.

A lady writes on the palm of Pradip Sinha, member of Chetana’s advisory committee. Two people watch them communicate.

Assistive Tech

People with disabilities know their needs the best. Chetana enables close collaboration between people with disabilities and professionals to create locally relevant assistive devices.

A group of school children sitting in a circle hold out brightly coloured tactile tiles. A smaller circle of tactile tiles are visible in the centre.


Chetana conducts workshops in schools, colleges and institutions to raise awareness about disability and develop knowledge and skills that will enable greater participation of people with disabilities in our society.

Dr. Linda lawrence, an advisor with Chetana’s Icount project turns her head towards the child in her arms.


Our aim is to highlight the visual needs of children with other identified impairment and raise the standard of services available to them.

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