Chetana Library

Chetana's Online Lending Library brings accessible storybooks for children to doorstep.

Leisure & Reading camps

To take the joy of playing and reading to children, Chetana organises fun activity camps...

Research & Development

The paucity in accessible play and reading materials for young children with disabilities...


I Count is a comprehensive documentation system of the visual status and services of about children...

Assistive Devices

Assistive technology is any kind of technology and tool that can enhance the functional independence...

Research & Development


Chetana supports organizations in developing their capacity for play through direct support, bringing toys, books and games and running sessions or by lending sets of materials...

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Chetana's library encourages people of all ages and literacy levels to learn to access information for themselves, broaden their horizons and give them a chance to develop a leisure activity...

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The goal of this effort was to raise awareness of the visual needs of children with other identified impairment and to raise the standard of services available to meet these needs.

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Raising Awareness

Chetana conducts workshops in schools, colleges and institutions to raise and awareness about disability and develop some knowledge and skills that will enable greater participation...

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